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Crackling Wooden Wicks for Candles - with EVA Stickers, Warning Labels

Crackling Wooden Wicks for Candles - with EVA Stickers, Warning Labels

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Looking for some reliable candle wicks for your DIY projects; our wooden wicks could serve as the perfect candle-making supplies.
Premium Quality: These candle wicks are obtained from 100% natural wood, which emits very little smoke upon burning, helping you keep up the smoke-free ambiance.
Bright and Soothing: The eco-friendly wood candle wicks give the alluring blue flame and devise a soothing crackling sound, creating the perfect ambiance.

  • Eco-Friendly Product: These high-quality wood wicks for candles are made using 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic burning wood that will not emit black smoke like others. Enjoy the soothing crackling sound without the guilt of polluting your environment.
  • Economic Pack: This pocket-friendly pack contains 50 crackling wooden wicks, 50 EVA stickers, and 50 warning labels. The economic pack of the candle wicks is quite enough to fulfill your DIY requirements.
  • Quick Operation: The wooden candle wick comes ready to be used immediately, and you don’t need to soak them and wait for a long time. Install the wicks in the jar or candle and enjoy the perfect blue flame with a soothing crackling sound.
  • Various Uses: Use these wood candle wicks for DIY projects, interior decorations, party decorations, candlelight dinners, and wherever you want. These could serve as the perfect candle-making supplies you always desired.
  • Perfect Choice: These 5.1 x 0.5 inches wooden sticks are just the right size for any candle jars for candle making and come with metal sustainers to keep them upright. These chemical-free wicks give an alluring touch to every decor, creating a romantic ambiance.
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